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Bekins care about your possessions and your smooth trouble free relocation.

We are proud to deliver your belongings in the same condition as when they were originally placed into the moving process. Our professional packers, skilled van operators and modern equipment all contribute to the high standard of quality service our customers rely on.

Face to face interactions with clients to conclude the international move At Bekins, we take pride in our ability to maintain one of the lowest claim ratios in the industry, while continuing to lead the market in personalized moving services. No matter how careful we are, and how many precautions we take, accidental loss or damage may occur. The decision to purchase Transit Protection should be no different than purchasing homeowners insurance for the contents of your home. For peace of mind, you wouldn't be without it.

To meet the particular needs of our customers Bekins offer levels of Transit Protection to protect possessions against accidental loss or damage, depending on the countries or move situations involved.

For example a couple of options frequently available are: Released Value Protection and Replacement Value protection. Options can also exist for Motorized Vehicle Protection, Storage-In-Transit Protection and Long Term Storage Protection.

There are household goods carriers are prohibited by law from transporting:
International Move and Relocation restrictions Explosives: ammunition including, bullets, shotgun shells, etc.; railroad or road flares; fireworks; detonators; blasting caps, etc.
Gases: any gases under pressure or liquefied; propane; quick start; oxygen; acetylene; helium; household or industrial fuel; aerosol cans; hair spray; antiperspirant; paint cleaner; butane lighters; propane tanks, etc.
Oxidizers: bleach; disinfectants; organic peroxides; fertilizers; pool chemicals; hair bleach; chlorine in any form, etc.
Flammable Solids: matches; fuel tablets; barbecue starter pellets; hay or straw; wood chips, etc.
Liquids: wine, beer, preserves, etc.
Flammable liquids: gas; cleaning fluid; lighter fluids; paint; paint thinners; barbecue starter; glues; resins; kerosene; naphtha; acetone; alcohol; lamp oil, etc.
Corrosives: oven cleaner; toilet cleaners; liquid plumber; drain cleaner; household cleaners; lye; acids (sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric muriatic); car, boat motorcycle batteries, etc.
Poisons: pesticides; herbicides; cygon; fumigants; wood preservatives; creosote; photographic chemicals, etc.
Items subject to spontaneous combustion: oily rags; charcoal, etc.

There are also goods usually excluded from cargo protection:
Goods usually excluded from cargo protection Jewellery, coins, stamps, specialized collections, documents, watches, currency, precious stones/metals and perishables, (frozen foods, plants and pets, etc.)
Liability with respect to items such as photographs and similar objects is also limited to the value of the file, albums, etc. without allowance for items of sentimental value, as they do not have a cash equivalent amount. Concerns in this area, and for your own protection require special attention up to an including carrying such items with you.

Fragile items:
Any fragile items must be packed and unpacked by Bekins or its agents in order to be covered by Accepted Protection Programs. It is the shipper´┐Żs responsibility to request such packing at least 24 hours before the shipment is scheduled to load. Such items include, but are not limited to: glass, marble, ceramic, pictures, mirrors, lamps, etc.

Owner packed cartons:
Bekins cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage to the contents of cartons that are not packed and unpacked by our packers. This rule also applies to items that are not necessarily of a fragile nature but should have been packed professionally to reduce the risk of damage.

Major commercial projects:>
We treat each moving experience with unique attention. Moving families cherished possessions to handling commercial projects of great magnitude such as; large hotel installation projects done for the Westin Bayshore, Pan Pacific, Waterfront Centre, Chateau Whistler and the Wall Centre Garden Hotel. We also handle large retail furniture and appliance contracts and environmental recovery contracts such as the BC Hydro Refrigerator Recovery Program during the last decade.
Over the years, Bekins has enjoyed working for many of the hospitals, museums and galleries. In fact we are the mover of choice to most and would be pleased to provide the list of their names.

Extensive staff training that supports using the right materials and equipment for specialized attention during each move:
Having trucks equipped with "air ride" as opposed to spring suspension allows the shipment to "float" on air, and be subjected to a minimum of road vibration. Having staff with years of Bekins moving experience using tools like the "air ride" to deliver value to our clients is what makes Bekins your best choice when it comes to moving.

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