Moving Cross Border to Seattle

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Tips When Moving to Seattle

   1. The hills, inland water ways and roadway construction contribute to extra "difficult access" costs. The 36 extra steps to climb often present more problems than just extra time to use them or even just getting to that destination.

   2. You can reduce Seattle's higher costs and dense living conditions by downsizing your possessions. Leave some items behind in storage, to see if you can live without them.

   3. Seattle works to be a progressive place. This can be both good and bad depending on how it impacts you. For example environmental costs get paid more directly.

   4. Packing for humidity may be a consideration if you're using storage. The cold temperatures of the Rockies of Alaska are not the same danger to possessions.

   5. Seattle summers are sunny, warm, with low humidity. A great time to do moving.

Relocating to Seattle

   Seattle's 3/4 million people are in one of America's most booming centres. Its SeaTac is the arriving point for sea and air shipments. 3 1/2 million folks make up metropolitan Seattle. It is also home to firms such as Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, Costco, T-Mobile and Starbucks.

The realities of living in Seattle include:
    Seattle is an expensive place to live. Seattleite's frustration grows as costs continue to increase at high rates. Over the last decade growth is reaching 20%. Pressures come into play. Getting to and from anywhere is slow. The operating costs for everything from schooling to warehousing are constant concerns. The disparity between the rich and the poor grows.

    Nick names of Emerald City and SeaTown reflect its amazing year round beauty.

    While accused of being a rainy city it actually gets less rain than New York, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, and others. On the other hand Seattle is the most cloudy region of the United States with many days seeing less that 1/4 mm of rain. With little to none of that white ground cover it just seems gloomier.

    Seattle is hilly. Seattleites think of themselves as bike-friendly however the traffic combined with inadequate bike lanes and rain leave lots to be desired compared to other cities. Seattle consistently ranks in the top 10 worst drivabilty cities in the US.

    The "Seattle Freeze" is best avoided by sharing the wonders of the outdoors and coffee with others as it is an early to bed city with the highest average cost of liquor.