Moving to Albuquerque from Canada

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Tips For Moving to Albuquerque

   1. Moving is best during May or September and October. December to January share; freezing temperatures, quick weather changes and a few days of snow. June through August, see 80 degrees as the norm. Adapting at this higher altitude that is often fatiguing. The canyon like location during the hot season winds and dust storms present issues as well.

   2. The cost of living is well below the national average. It reflects in reduced move in costs when you get there.

   3. Inspections of vehicles in New Mexico are not required. The only county in New Mexico that tests emissions is the one Albuquerque is in. Within 45 days of changing residence your existing drivers license should be a new New Mexico one.

   4. The ability to speak Spanish will help both with fitting in and securing good value local relationships.

Relocating to Albuquerque

   There are more than half a million Albuquerqueans. It's market size is about 1.2 million, of the over 2 million living in New Mexico. Colourful fall balloon fiestas have brought attention to the stunning sun and local landscapes seen each day.

The realities of living in Albuquerque include:
    Canadians moving to New Mexico enjoy reduced costs and low government tax revenues. Below national average state education levels need improvement. Poverty and crime are challenges being faced. Finding well paying jobs and state revenue needs are issues that will change New Mexico.

    A unique character of New Mexico includes cultural diversity. Their multicultural approach is similar to the one that has evolved in Canada.

    40 years of supporting the LGBTQ community has made Albuquerque a consistent retirement destination for that community.

    Retiring seniors do consider nearby communities like Placitas (just a little north and made up of 30% seniors) or Los Lunas (just a little south on the Rio Grande). That avoids the downtown urban pressures like crime, while still allowing Albuquerque benefits.

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