Store N Go   |   Delayed Shipment Moves

Delayed Shipment Moving
works when:

  You are waiting for an approval that allows you to live at your destination, such as a visa.
  You not sure about living in your new location. Till now you've only been a tourist.
  Most often it is because of seasonal weather. Furniture with a lacquer finish is vulnerable to cold, as are many antique pieces. Moving when average season temperatures are over 32F avoids this issue.
  Your new home won't be ready till next month.
  Then hurricanes or forest fires become part of life your possessions have to go through, delaying till after they pass is easy risk reduction.

Weather, natural disaster, or just waiting for others to provide approvals can make moving today risky and unrealistic.
Waiting till the weather is more cooperative is often the best thing to do.

Store N Go works when:

  You are moving the the United States for a term project and will be returning to Canada.
  You are not sure you want the stored items shipped to the US. Get settled in 1st.
  You want to hang on to your cherish items and not sure what you will do with them.

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Canada's Newest, Cleanest, Largest Purpose Built Storage Facilities

   Bekins Worldwide facilities located by the USA border is the largest of its kind in Canada with an optimally designed secure possession storage environment.

   The importance of solid concrete and steel structure has been clear to Bekins since building its first purpose built facility in 1937. Our newly completed facility is generations beyond that one, continuing to protect stored possessions. Securing furniture vaults, isolating their carefully loaded contents.

   Term storage enjoys a very stable separate environment storage areas.
   Constant monitoring of each areas temperature assures stability throughout the seasons.  

   Automated 24 /7 video monitoring of all access and storage area activity allows immediate interaction with any storage situation.

Why Bekins is Best

     Bekins years of experience guides the management of all or portions of moving activities. Matching destination state regulations processing transit at the origin agent, consolidating warehouse, freight forwarder, origin port, container company, shipping company, destination port, destination bonded warehouse, destination agent, and international move insurance, are everyday tasks.

     Bekins single point processing system delivers a quality move by including execution through trained crews doing packing, disassembly, loading, storage, transporting, unpacking and reassembly. All without needless extra surprise costs or lost time.

   In a perfect world preparation begins months ahead BUT in the real world preparation begins now!

   Bekins offers 100’s of world wide professionals and 1000’s of pieces of equipment, aiding families and organizations moving to the US from Canada.
   Bekins works for cost effectiveness via Rocky Mountain, desert or sea routes and seasonal transit options moving to the US includes.
   Bekins looks to optimize storage and split shipment savings.