Split Shiment Move from Canada to the US

Managing possessions being delivered to multiple locations is precise work.

   Moving to the US from Canada is a great time to consider down sizing or redecorating. Cherished possessions and familiar comfort possessions will need to be moved. Moving is a lot of work and cost compared to acquiring new after arrival however. Many US cities face rising real estate costs that push everyone to live in homes that more exactly fit their needs too.

   Moving items difficult to replace, are the heart of every move to the United States.

   There are always remaining items. Perhaps to be sent to a relative or friend. Some who move to the USA put these items into storage, awaiting their return, or 'just in case' they will be needed. They can be easily and economically shipped after 6 months or a year, via the next available groupage container. If not needed, items in the furniture vault storage container can be turned over to an estate liquidator, charity or shipped to a friend or relative for disposal

Split Shipment Move Success Tools

   Each Canada to US Split Shipment Move gets has tools that address their specific move.

   Split Shipment Moves focus on getting the right items to the right destination. Often they include uncertainty and changing decisions about destinations. They always require extended documentation and approval confirmation so both recipients expectations are fulfilled. Packing correctly may go unnoticed by a recipient unaware of the transit issues, conditions, weather or delays. Damage items never go unnoticed, especially where it is a family member who remembers the item as it was when they were growing up.

Successful Cross Border Split Shipment Moves use:
  A Split Contents Review which provides the documented basis for each destination together with its initially expected items.
  The Split Shipment Move Summary that addresses the clients expressed core needs and concerns.
  The Move Communication Protocol confirming who will be contacted, when and how frequently followed up with, if unexpected events or opportunities show up.
  Personalized Task List and Schedule List are provided once the cross border move to the US is booked and a schedule set.
  The Communications Log is maintained for a transparent view of the moves events.
  Update Messaging advises of move progress as the task and schedule lists completions take place.
  The Authorization Seal supports follow up of change requests.
  The Double Barrelled Privacy Partnering keeps information and details private.

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Why Bekins is Best

     Bekins years of experience guides the management of all or portions of global delivery activities. They include matching destination regulations as well as; origin agent, consolidating warehouse, freight forwarder, origin port, container company, shipping company, destination port, destination bonded warehouse, destination agent, and international move insurance.

     Bekins single point processing system delivers a quality move by including execution through trained crews doing packing, disassembly, loading, storage, transporting, unpacking and reassembly. All without needless extra surprise costs or lost time.

   In a perfect world preparation begins months ahead.
   In the real world preparation begins now!

   involve and engage those moving and involved in the move
   continuously update shipment and destination requirements
   manage tasks and schedules using reporting and completion reviews

  - Bekins offers 100’s of world wide professionals and 1000’s of pieces of equipment, to the benefit of families and organizations making moves, relocations and transfers
  - cost effectiveness via Rocky Mountain, desert or sea routes and seasonal transit options.
  - storage/split shipment savings
  - DIY accumulation of partial groupage shipment
  - Bekins USA border location

US Border Processing Facility

Bekins Worldwide Storage Facility for your Cross Border Canada to USA Move