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Bekins Resouces
   Dedicating 100’s of world wide professionals and 1000’s of pieces of equipment, across continents, to the benefit of families and organizations making international moves, re-locations and transfers. Click here for client reviews.

News Update - Moving to the USA from Canada during COVID-19

March 27, 2020

   The BC Government's "List of COVID-19 Essential Services", released March 26th, Ontario Government March 23rd announcement and Quebec Government all confirm moving transportation as an essential service. While differing in details, they all encourage stay in place and work from home for all.

Bekins Worldwide strongly values the health of clients and staff alike.

   Postponing international moves, during this uncharted period of instability makes sense, where possible. There are also moves caught up in the speed with which this has come on us all. In all cases Bekins recognize our job is to help. This is COVID-19 related information about moving to the United States from Canada. For specific details about your move or situation, give us a call.

   Canada and the United States closed their border as of March 21st for all but essential or urgent travel, and the transit of goods. Currently, cross-border household goods transportation depends on Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau's commitment about commercial truck drivers not being impacted by measures closing the border. Cities, states and provinces imposing stay in place lock downs are another matter. This is uncharted and times are 'fluid' so best to call to talk about your specifics.

    • Doubts about: delivery changes and unexpected delays, ever changing exchange rates and the impact of unexpected mandatory self isolation or quarantine periods, are reality now. Lets talk to sort them out.

Call 1 (800) 880-1829 for help with your concern(s).

   Moving a Canadian's goods into the US currently depends on:
        • Having the approved I-94 documentation.
        • Already living there.
        • Having a work permit.

COVID-19 International Moving Options
    • Put your household goods in a container Pre-Pack or storage. Ship it when this health problem changes to a more certain path to unpacking at your destination.

    • Arrange a virtual move estimate by contacting Bekins with pictures or a video of the items you want to move. Bekins will keep you up to date with the destination reality as changes surface and pricing becomes more predictable.

    • Bekins will do its best to be considerate... these are frustrating times... staff worry about their livelihood, much as you must. In the face of a higher than normal potential things won't be going perfectly, Bekins Worldwide will do everything in its power to make your move a complete success.

    • Remember, it is likely that re infection remains a likely possibility. Stability may be elusive. Bekins has decades of experience, we will be using to help you, with adhoc situations, last minute delays or cancellations.

    • Our staff and suppliers are and experienced backbone of the moving industry. They have earned their place among a network of others dedicated to moving household goods internationally.

You will have the best potential of a successful move possible.

COVID-19 and Moving Day Expectations
    • The Bekins staff will show up ready to greet you with a smile (no handshakes please).

    • They will ask you about any past infections, along with when they ended, before being allowed to start.

    • They will need access to soap and water to wash their hands often.

    • Taking chances using recycled boxes from neighbours is not an option. Only new packing material is used.


   Bekins Worldwide continues to work with governments and the needs of those transporting each shipment. We all want to respect the need to bring this situation to as safe and quick conclusion as possible.

   In the mean time we will work to arrange needed and as cost effective in transit storage as possible of shipments that have not been delayed for other reasons.

   Please contact your assigned dedicated Bekins move concierge for updates on your specific move. While we all try to be kind to one another, Bekins will be monitoring changes and post them here for cross border moves to the USA.

The regions of the USA present different climates, available transport and move opportunity options.

What Canadians Need To Know About Moving To the USA

Complete Required Documentation
   Canadians can import personal possessions they have owned for at least one year duty free without penalty, if they are correctly declared.
     – Note: from time to time there are items federally dutiable and each state has its own extra regulations.
     – Use links provided for each city or give a Bekins representative a call for details.
     – The Bekins representative will provide the Declaration of Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles form.

   Canadians need the following documentation:
     – Their current Canadian Passport, birth / marriage certificates, medical and prescription records.
     – Destination information: visa for work or study, letter offering employment, destination address.

   Potential border charges can include customs handling and examination implications.
     – Click here for Bekins info on:regulations, restricted and dutiable items, pets, and prohibited items.

The Best Choice Cross Border Moving Service

An International Mover
    improves arrival dependability through customs and transport transitions
    reduces both expected and unexpected costs of moving long distance
     – reduces loss / damage ratios
     – plans for climate implications and enhanced security
     – identifies shipping and transition cost reduction opportunities

The Very Best Choice for a Cross Border Move...Bekins Worldwide

This unsolicited review says it all..

From a client who had moved internationally many times, using other movers, and was extremely nervous about the move.

"I would like to thank you , personally, and all your fine team, for so ably assisting me with this process.

Everything went as planned, and all my possessions arrived in good condition.
I have never experienced such a smooth move, nor have I ever received all my goods on prior moves. For this, I will be eternally grateful.
I can heartily recommend your business.

With many thanks
Gillian T"   —  May 2019

Type of Canada to U.S. move...

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Corporate Move

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Store N Go

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Pack N Go

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DIY Move

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Delayed Moving

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Container Groupage Move

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