Moving to Boston from Canada

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Tips For Moving to Boston

   1. The summers can be hot and humid however moving to Boston is best April through October. See item 2 for exception.

   2. The worst months to move in, are November through April.  Cold, snow and storms are part of Boston winter. The last couple of days of August and first couple of September should also be avoided. September 1st is when many/most rental terms are begun, so moving resources are overloaded.

   3. As one of the oldest cities in the US, gentrification is real. Besides driving up the costs of real estate, old building designs, additions and repairs present unique challenges to the work of moving in.

   4. A moving permit is typically needed to use the space required for a move in.

Relocating to Boston

   Boston is part of New England's largest community including just under three quarters of a million Bostonians.  The Boston metropolitan area has almost five million people.

The realities of living in Boston include:
    Boston is one of the most intensely populated cities in the USA at an average of 15,000 per square mile. That density brings Bean Town issues of limited space, lots of people everywhere, traffic congestion, expensive parking, and longer than expected travel times.

    Boston is home to several of the countries best universities and hospitals. They are a strong focus for jobs and business in those areas.

    Winters in Boston are like winters in Montreal, with a little added energy from the Atlantic. Weather can be a disruptive factor in this densely populated set of communities.

    Boston is an expensive a place to live. While not exactly as costly as New York, San Francisco or Houston it is about half again as much as the national averages.

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