Moving to Miami from Canada

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Tips For Moving to Miami

   1. The best months to move to Miami are April and May.

   2. The worst months to move in are during hurricane and rainy season from June to November.
        (November to April sees many visiting Miami. They come to enjoy the weather and keep the streets full of vehicles.)

   3. The climate and environment of Miami is home to many creatures. Humans are now living in their domain. Gators, snakes, palmetto bugs - cockroaches and more. US Census shows Miami as the 3rd most roach infested city in the US after New Orleans and Houston. Before moving in is the best time to deal with them and get a head start on them occupying your new home.

Relocating to Miami

   Miami is city of about half a million Miamians. The 56 square mile the City Of Miami occupies is part of the greater Miami metropolitan area that includes 35 communities totalling over 6 million. This world class city is also home to the busiest port for tourism and cruise traffic in the world.

The realities of living in Miami include:
    Miami is a laid back city where lateness is a fact of life.

    Miami drivers are aggressive. Its about paying attention and situational awareness. Even at that, getting to your destination will take longer than expected... sometimes by as much as an hour or two.

    The Magic City is , on average 6% less expensive than Toronto. On an other hand the level of crime and danger are higher in Miami for any type of crime you care to compare.

    US cities generally face rising real estate prices. Miami's contribution to this pressure comes from its year long pleasant climate allowing the city to be constantly under construction.

    Miami is an active city. Lots of eating options, late night places to be or not miss out on, and there is the constant flow of guests just stopping in for a visit.