Moving to Dallas from Canada

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Tips For Moving to Dallas

   1. The best months to move to Dallas are September through December and January.

   2. The worst months to move in, are July and August. Daily temperatures up to as high as 113 °F and a daily average of 96 °F fuel stress. Spring is sometimes turbulent when cold fronts from the north run into hot humid fronts from the south resulting in heavy rain, thunderstorms, freezing rain and even tornadoes. Dallas is the centre of Tornado Alley.

   3. Homes in Dallas are similar in size to what Canadians typically expect. While possessions you want to move will more likely fit your new home, not shipping and buying new will have attractive potential.

Relocating to Dallas

   Dallas is city of about one and a half million Dallasites. The Dallas metropolitan area includes about seven and a half million people.

The realities of living in Dallas include:
    Hundreds of thousands of people move to Dallas each year. Its a growing busy place so you have to expect what comes with it. Dallas is a costly place to live. There are many significant corporate head offices in Dallas. Starting October 1, 2020, you’ll need a valid passport, a U.S. military ID, or a REAL ID-compliant driver license with a gold star to travel in the Texas

    Dallas is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with its many connections and freeways. The large area they cover make for longer commutes.

    “'Big D' has a big city feel. It is located inland without the natural environment Vancouverites and other Canadians have grown to take more for granted. There are no ocean, lakes or mountains.

    The DFW urban sprawl has made the area home to lots of cars, road rage and bad driving decisions. Often not a pretty sight.

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