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Tips For Moving to New York

   1. The best months to move to New York are; April, May, September and October.

   2. The worst months to move in are; June, July, August, November and December.
        (Based on weather, seasonal costs and availability of support services.)

   3. Be prepared for rodents, roaches, and bedbugs. Before moving in is the best time to deal with them.

   4. More people are leaving New York than leave any other US city. They are the ones making room for you to move in. Those couple hundred thousand are being offset by a hundred thousand international incoming and the natural birth rate being added back. They leave because of; the general recognition of; increasing costs and taxation, noise, general intensity and its extraordinarily long commute times but there are opportunities for those moving into New York, ingenious enough to find them.

Relocating to New York

   New York is approaching 9 million New Yorkers living in about 300 square miles.

The realities of living in New York include:
    New York traffic is terrible, and you might be able to walk across town faster than if you take a cab. New Yorkers expect all to be walking quickly and getting out of the way if not.

    New York drivers are aggressive. Its about paying attention and being situational aware. Even at that, getting to your destination will take longer than expected... sometimes by as much as an hour or two.

    The Big Apple truly is an expensive place to live compared to what we are used to in Canada. For example, New York is two thirds higher than Toronto.

    Many US cities face rising real estate costs. New York is highest even among them, competing for top spot with San Francisco. Down sizing or leaving items in storage is a consideration both because of property costs and places are just generally smaller.

    It rains a lot and it frequently comes down in buckets... there are even giant snow storms big enough to shut down the city.