Moving to Houston from Canada

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Tips For Moving to Houston

   1. The best months to move to Houston are December to March.

   2. The worst months to move in are during hurricane and rainy season from April to November. Houston's location by the Gulf of Mexico exposes it to hurricanes and flooding. Further the temperature is above 90 °F about 100 days and over 100 °F a few days, each year. During the rainy season from April to October flooding is problematic because the flatness leaves rain where it lands.

   3. Homes in Houston tend to be of similar size to what Canadians have grown accustom to. While possessions you want to move will more likely fit your new home, not shipping them and buying new will have attractive potential. Certainly storage on arrival will likely be less of a concern than with other US cities.

Relocating to Houston

   Houston is city of about two and a half million Houstonans. The 650 or square miles the City Of Houston occupies is one of the largest in the US. The greater Houston metropolitan area totals about 7 million.

The realities of living in Houston include:
    Starting October 1, 2020, you’ll need a valid passport, a U.S. military ID, or a REAL ID-compliant driver license with a gold star to travel in the Texas

    Houston has and is working on express vehicle capabilities. Constant efforts to build out and manage traffic are obvious as is the impact of folks moving to Houston. A vehicle is a practical part of living there.

    “Space City” is between 10% 1nd 20% less expensive than Toronto.

    H Town is hot and humid is home to many creatures. On one hand sun screen and A/C are good ways to deal with that but on the other it means roaches and mosquitoes are among the most common issues compared to other US cities.