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Tips For Moving to Phoenix

   1. Summer is hot and the winter mild. When you choose the time of year to move both have unique things to consider. In the summer the heat adds stress to the move until you get inside with an air conditioner. In the winter people migrate to the mild Phoenix winter, adding to the load on services in general.

   2. It does rain in Phoenix. Not much but when it happens the run arrives quickly and surprises traffic goers. Best to not be out in the rain and their resulting flash floods .Locals cope with the haboobs much better.

   3. Houses do not typically have basements. Garages and outdoor storage shelters tend not to be insulated or air conditioned. Consider the items you will be storing and the implications of hotter weather than you are used to in Canada. Candles become fluid wax and items with lacquer finishes crack when heat expands part of the item more than others.

Relocating to Phoenix

   Over 1.6 million Phoenicians live in the Valley of the Sun. It is the core of a metropolitan area of communities totalling almost 5 million in a hot desert climate. Census stats show over 200 people move there each day.

The realities of living in Phoenix include:
    The sun and winters mild climate bring people from all over to enjoy using the many gold courses, variety of restaurants and deserts beauty. However, a few times in the year there are haboobs... dessert dust storms... when you do not want not to be outdoors or driving.

    Summer desert heat is hotter than it feels because of the low to no humidity. Take care to stay hydrated. Using water wisely and with an eye to conservation is what everyone does. The good thing is you no longer needing that umbrella. On the other hand locals know to use sun screen and limit their exposure to the hundreds of days of sun each year.

    Arizona does not change for daylight saving time. It is unique among others in the Mountain Time Zone.