Moving to Chicago from Canada

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Tips For Moving to Chicago

   1. The best months to move to Chicago are April through October.

   2. The worst months to move in, are November through March.  Its a cold long season of low temperatures, snow and delays.  Winter is cold and can get down to -40 °F.

   3. Traffic delays result in it taking about 25% longer than expected for drivers in Chicago.  Avoiding rush hours may improve dependable arrival for the move in but the trade off is less time in the day to get it done.

Relocating to Chicago

   Chicago includes just under three million Chicagoans.  The Chicago metropolitan area has almost ten million people.

The realities of living in Chicago include:
    The wind off of the lake turns Chicago into a very cold place during winter.  You will need to dress for those days.  You probably will also have to shovel the space in front of your home to be able to park.

    Chicago is the biggest city in the Midwest and comes with big city issues.  Taxation is high to deal with the high government debt and violence in sections of the city is as problematic as in other cities.

    Public transit is dependable, on time and a realistic option to the $30/hr downtown parking rates.

    Chicago has attractive prices for home purchase however the cost of living also includes high taxes, along with restaurant prices, rent and parking fees impacted by those high taxes.

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