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Tips For Moving to Portland

   1. Don't bring any plastic bags... Plastic bags are illegal... Portlanders pride themselves on caring for the environment so it is best not to be seen using plastic bags. Caring about the environment is assumed, and not doing so (littering, carrying groceries in plastic bags) is really frowned upon.

   2. Portland gets and cloudy skies from October through May. Portland's annual average is 40 inches of rainfall, with about 150 days offering at least some rain. Chances are good when you will be moving in the rain. Familiar movers will all be prepared for any rain.

   3. Before moving in is your best opportunity to clear the home of any spiders... Portland is notorious for its Hobo Spiders. They're not good at crawling up walls so live in corners, in cracks along the floor, bathrooms, etc. Clean out the cob webs and lay down some of those sticky traps at baseboards and corners. Your unpackers will likely set up the beds just a little away from the walls so the Hobo's can't crawl up on the bed at night and so you have room to place more of those sticky traps.

Relocating to Portland

   Portland, Oregon’s largest city, includes over 625,000 people. The 26th largest city in the United States. Portland's metro area is much larger, as it includes seven counties, of which two are inside Washington state. The Greater Portland area totals 2.453 million people.

The realities of living in Portland include:
    Anyone moving to Portland from a sunny community will have to adapt to the new climate. Beyond rain there is a state of humidity, overcast and mist that can go on and on.

    The Rose City, as it is called, brightens the world around the 4th of July along with surprisingly bright days. Yet the region retains a comfortable compared to its southern neighbour. It is after all located half way between the equator and the north pole.

    Oregon is one of two states that make it illegal to pump your own gas. No point breaking the law.

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