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Relocating to Washington DC

   Washington boasts some of the most fascinating people you will ever meet. The Capital is over 700,000 people, plus the commuters from Maryland and Virginia's less urban suburbs. Each day sees over a million using the city. Washington's metropolitan area is over six million.

The realities of living in Washington DC include:
    Meeting new people can be challenging. It is a bustling city where folks focus on meeting deadlines and advocating causes. Washington has over 150 embassies, world class universities, international and non-profit organizations, lobbyists, professional associations, besides all the federal management activities. There also are all those amazing free museums and extensive performing arts options. It's a busy place on many levels.

    Getting anywhere is an hour on average. Traffic is busy, parking expensive if available even when using other options. Walking is often the selected as the most practical option.

    Washington is an expensive place to live. Amazon’s new campus across the river adds more pressure to an existing lack of supply.

    The Capital has crime, like other cities. Knowing the areas help. The Northwest and around government centres like downtown Washington, Embassy Row, and the Penn Quarter, tend to be safe. The poorer eastern areas tend to be more risky.

    Washington weather includes shutting down when there is a little snowfall. In the summer the heat and humidity can be oppressive. Spring and fall do tend to be enjoyable.

Tips When Moving to Washington DC

   1. With all the activity and population working with each other is a bigger deal. Stand on the right and pass on the left is a serious part of Washington life.
   2. Get to know and use the local vocabulary. "The District" is how they refer to Washington. The Capitol Building’s are surrounded by quadrants that locals refer to when meeting up. Locals are not known for their patience. Knowing the lay of the land and slang helps you get along.
   3. Consider downsizing the possessions you take. Storing for later shipment later give you flexibility for those cherished items. Buying new on arrival is a reasonable choice given the shopping environment in Washington compared to the costs for shipping... even with the 6% sales tax.
   4. Traffic is dense, parking nonexistent, so if it rains you will want to have a rain jacket and boots on move in day.