Coordinated Move Management

Clients hire Bekins international move management, using options that meet the moves needs.

Bekins single point coordination system for international moves.

     Bekins years of experience guides the management of all or portions of global delivery activities. They include matching destination regulations as well as; origin agent, consolidating warehouse, freight forwarder, origin port, container company, shipping company, destination port, destination bonded warehouse, destination agent, and international move insurance.

     Bekins single point processing system delivers a quality move by including execution through trained crews doing packing, disassembly, loading, storage, transporting, unpacking and reassembly. All without needless extra surprise costs or lost time.

The Move Management Process

In a perfect world preparation begins months in advance.
In the real world preparation uses the time available.

   assemble those involved into a team
   involve and engage those moving, family members and co workers
   clarify shipment and destination requirements
   manage tasks and schedules through reporting and completion reviews

Bekins experienced customer care service.

Employee and Family Relocations

     Move management experts reduce the time consumed by international moves. Family members face less stress about life in the new country. Managing the move keeps expected time lines on track and costs under control while focusing on family working together and job productivity continuing.

Retirement and Senior Relocations

     Relocating a lifetime of things including, favourite chairs, family pictures, and mementos is special work. Older folks tend to like daily routines and their things in familiar locations. Bekins provide destination unpackers with layout need notes on the customs inventory list. Augmenting those notes goes a long way in making the new home friendly. Plus professional packing and safe shipping goes a long way in easing anxiety.

Corporate Relocations

     Business and executive relocations are about productivity and disruptions. Sharing management planning task list and schedules with all involved firms up expectations. Reporting and follow up keeps budgets on track. Understanding implications keeps the international move dependable.

Divorce and Bereavement Relocation

     Emotion is part of the change from those we have spent our life with. Experienced professionals organize international moves to bring calm and order. Significant downsizing brings out emotions during disposition. Experience and patience help. Flexible storage options also help. Time and knowing Bekins has helped others in similar situations are key.

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Packing for Cross Border Moving

     International moves require significant handling and storage. Packing must also respect increased exposure to climate, insects and contaminant impact, compared to local packing.

Cost Considerations of Cross Border Moving

     Local moves cut costs by using the same crew to immediately load and unload the moving van one time. That labour focused approach would drive costs out proportion while possessions sat waiting for a customs inspector, paperwork processing, or as groupage required in transit change.
     International moves have costs that go beyond simply paying for the shipment. There are: insurance, the cost of people to research and confirm possession inspection handling, destination port costs, as well as the costs to sort out human error along the way.

Why Bekins is Best

  - Bekins offers 100’s of world wide professionals and 1000’s of pieces of equipment, to the benefit of families and organizations making moves, relocations and transfers
  - cost effectiveness via Rocky Mountain, desert or sea routes and seasonal transit options.
  - save on storage and split shipment
  - corporate client move benefits
  - DIY accumulation of partial groupage shipment
  - Bekins USA border location

US Border Processing Facility

Bekins Worldwide Storage Facility for your Cross Border Canada to USA Move