Moving to Atlanta from Canada

Perspective on Moving to Atlanta Georgia

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Tips For Moving to Atlanta

   1. The best months to move to Atlanta are the fall months for leaving Canada and winter months for arriving and moving in, at Atlanta. Worst move months are late spring and summer for Atlanta moves.

   2. Atlanta is one of those cities where driving everywhere is the norm. Comparisons with other US cities have ranked Atalanta among the top 5 most congested. Bad, inconsiderate and aggressive drivers are more the norm than the exception. Locals complain the roads are: '60% pothole, 30% metal plates, and 10% construction'. Arriving on time is everyone's challenge. Best to build in a time buffer for move in day and use adaptive schedule planning.

   3. Homes in Atlanta are similar in size to what Canadians typically expect. Any possessions you want to move will likely fit your new home. Plus you can consider not shipping the things you want to buy new when you get to Atlanta.

Relocating to Atlanta

   Atlanta is city of about half million Atlantans. The over all Atlanta metropolitan area includes about six million people.
   Atlanta ranks among the top world cities and the top dozen US cities in many ways. Contributing about 400 billion dollars to the United States GDP and building a wide variety of business sectors it hosts, help Atlanta rank so well.
   None the less, Gov. Brian Kemp’s signing of the “heartbeat” abortion bill has undermined, the 'city in a forest', participation in the movie industry. Georgia has an estimated 92,000 jobs and billions in direct spending coming from the movie industry. Many well known actors have refused work in Georgia even though it ranks third behind California and New York in magnitude. The new law, as it stands at time of signing, impacts all Georgians directly and any abortion received outside of Georgia means being tried for murder in Georgia.
A VERY SERIOUS consideration for anyone moving to Georgia

The realities of living in Atlanta include:
    Atlanta is an affordable city to live in, compared to cities of a similar size, particularly in regard to housing.
    Health care is something that is considerably higher than any Canadian expects. Humidity is also considerably higher, at up to 80 percent in the summer.

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