Moving to Baltimore from Canada

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Tips For Moving to Baltimore

   1. Moving is best during May, and September through October. January through February was inclement weather that can be difficult. June through September high humidity levels can be problematic for possessions in temporary storage.

   2. Baltimore's cost of living is below the state average, potentially reducing move in costs. Unfortunately, gentrification (locals call it preserving Baltimore heritage) can add to move in costs when the crew faces access obstacles. Property taxes and civic fees do end up being more than new residents expect.

   3. New Maryland residents must register their vehicles within 60 days. Beyond 60 days potential credits offsetting the 6% Maryland Excise Titling Tax can be lost. Reconciling taxes, arranging for the Maryland Safety Certificate, documenting insurance, and proof of ownership will be required for registration.
       Your Maryland drivers license must also be arranged within 60 days. A valid recognized out of state license, valid Immigration Services documentation and passing the eye examination make this more straight forward.

   4. Traffic can across the city is a problem. For example, Ocean City traffic on the Bay Bridge is killer. Travelling from DC and Baltimore can back up Route 50 for miles.

   5. Baltimore's Chesapeake Bay port and the city economic focus on transportation and shipping can offer opportunities to reduce shipping costs.

Relocating to Baltimore

   Baltimore is approaching three quarters of a million people. Baltimorean's are only a portion of the three million members of its metropolitan community.

The realities of living in Baltimore include:
    Baltimore shares 16 interstate highways. In particular is Interstate 695 that runs around Baltimore and often experiences traffic congestion. Evaluations have speculated about 60 hours a year is spent by commuters tied up in traffic jams.

    Baltimore's stable population level shares 60,000 heritage buildings that represent a respect for stability.

    Baltimore's high crime rate is acknowledged. Violent crimes involving drug issues, gentrification and neglect focus crime in areas on what some call America's Most Dangerous city, although the city only ranks in the top 20 of those in the USA.

    Yearly weather includes hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, or snow storms.

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