Moving to Bellevue from Vancouver, B.C.

Perspective on Moving to Bellevue

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Tips When Moving to Bellevue

   1. Bellevue has a mild climate. Ocean currents usually keep the winter above freezing and summer below the 80's. Instead of snow the October to April period sees some rain. May to July tends to be the best time to move.

   2. You can manage Bellevue's higher costs and dense living conditions by downsizing possessions. Leave items behind, or consider putting some in storage, to see if you can live without them. Note: Climate change is a reality to those living on the west coast of the USA. The last few years have seen forest fires destroy cities and continent wide smoke. These fall seasonal realities bring opportunities to negotiate cost reductions and controls.

   3. Packing for humidity is a consideration, especially for storage items. Quality storage facilities will save your possessions. Reducing indirect and replacement costs reduces and removes over all costs.

   4. The hills, inland water ways and roadway construction contribute to extra "difficult access" costs. Extra steps to climb often lead to extra time and other surprise issues.

Relocating to Bellevue

   Bellevue's 150,000 people are the third largest center in the Seattle Metropolitan region which is made up of almost four million people. It also has the second largest city centre in Washington state.

The realities of living in Bellevue include:
    Bellevue is an expensive place to live. It allows a 25 minute drive across Lake Washington to Seattle. You'll notice a more suburban feel and lower traffic. Plus the cosmopolitan benefits Seattle offers are still available.

    Bellevue is hilly. Bellevue is French for beautiful view. These two go hand in hand but there are trade offs like biking becomes a little more challenging.

    Bellevue is accused of being a rainy city. October to May does see rainfall. Notable however is the absence of snow. Annual precipitation is significantly less than New York or the south east US. If your looking for snow it is a few miles away in the Olympic Mountains and the Cascade Mountains.

• AREA CODE for Bellevue, Washington is 425

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