Moving to Beverly Hills from Canada

Tips For Moving to Beverly Hills

   1. Moving to Beverly Hills peaks January when it's is dark and cold elsewhere. Moving out peaks at the end of the dry season with the hot Santa Ana winds.

   2. Beverly Hills is home to the most expensive and custom designed homes in the USA. They tend to holds unique moving challenges that are not obvious at first glance.

   3. When moving to California, you'll need to apply for a drivers license within 10 days of moving in, as well as have your vehicle pass air quality tests.

   4. This is an earth quake zone where one or two dozen quakes, of the 4.0 range, happen each year. Preparing for those vibrations is an important part of moving in and planing the safety of your family and possessions.

   5. California has had power utility and wildfire issues. They can have impacts for your move. Consider your home insurance and power connection options.

Relocating to Beverly Hills

   Beverly Hills is surrounded by Los Angeles. This gives it quicker, easier access to L.A. and generally reduces the burden of commuting to L.A., that those living in more remote cities face. While its name suggests hillside living, much of Beverly Hills is on a level area. Many of the 40,000 or so residents enjoy Beverly Hills and nearby Los Angeles benefits from this more reasonably priced portion of Beverly Hills

The realities of living in Beverly Hills include:
    Beverly Hills violent crime rates are well below other cities. The police force and community take security and community livability seriously.

    Beverly Hills is known for its comfortable proximity to the benefits of Los Angeles, unique shopping experience, attention to image, and great educational opportunities.

    Beverly Hills enjoys generally Mediterranean warm weather, although the fall Santa Ana winds do bring unexpected heat. Year round sun with limited rain.

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