Moving to Boise from Canada

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Tips For Moving to Boise

   1. Moving is best during May , June and September. Least desirable is December to January. It shares low temperatures and dynamic weather changes.

   2. The ongoing growth of Boise's population is testament to a reasonable cost of living. A growth fuelled by housing and employment that keeps costs reasonable. Shortages of labour and supplies or price inflation are unlikely to impact move in costs.

   3. You become a resident of Idaho when your principle home is in Idaho for 90 days. Registering your vehicle title and automobile on or before those 90 days is required. Insurance and application for an Idaho drivers license and Star Card are also needed.

   4. The river flowing through Boise makes navigating a little tricky. It undermines the simplicity a the grid system provides.

Relocating to Boise

   There are a quarter of a million Boiseans. It's total market size is about three quarters of a million. With one of the highest police to citizen ratios in the U.S. and a lack of diversity it is also one of the safer places.

The realities of living in Boise include:
    Agriculture, food processing, and industrial join state government employment, in balancing economic environment. One of the lowest pay rates in North America and ongoing migration drive these.

    Boise's population has been increasing at an increasing rate for several years. Weather, quality of life, public safety are key attractors.

     Winter atmospheric inversions that trap city air, most 200 land fills around Boise, and sewage plants, all contribute to a noticable aroma issue. While the community is noticeably clean, air pollution is and acknowledged concern. Ozone, carbon monoxide, vehicle emission, pollen, smoke and agricultural dust push Boise's the 2nd worst air in the US ranking. Boise's PM is 11.7 micrograms, higher others in the USA.

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