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Tips For Moving to Detroit

   1. Moving to Detroit between mid June through September is a usual goal. However, the best time for the most successful moves is fall. Demand is lower, allowing more moving options, flexibility and more cost effective. It is less prone to moving pressures. Holiday traffic is less, school startup deadlines past and there are cooler temperatures.
      Harsh January and February winters with high precipitation to May cause problematic moves. Winter moves need extra planning. Shorter daylight hours, snow and ice removal, plus slipping and cold handling to deal with. Further, winter shipping possessions like lacquered finished furniture require temperature control, to avoid cold damage.

   2. Winter proofing your new home is a real thing in Detroit. Making those changes before moving in is both more cost effective and practical.

   3. Homes in Detroit are like Canadians might expect. Possessions you want to move will likely fit your new home. Plus you can consider not shipping any things you want to buy new, when you get to Detroit.

Relocating to Detroit

   Detroit is city of almost 750,000 Detroiters. They are the heart of a metropolitan area of over four and a quarter million.
   The city went through its bankruptcy in 2014. The work to recover economy and employment rates will likely take a decade. Ford and Chrysler have invest hundreds of millions, bringing thousands of jobs back to Detroit. Detroit is providing subsidies to attract investment and business. It is part of balancing growth and services to the benefit of Detroiters. It is bringing into focus what locals call the "two Detroits". One prosperous and white, the other troubled and black (i.e. 10% of Detroit is white versus a 60% average for the USA. 75% of Detroit is black versus just over 10% for the USA).    Detroit is the largest American city on the Canada border. Detroit connects to Windsor. The 2nd largest US border crossing just behind the San Diego crossing with Tijuana.

   Stay on top of your moving decisions. Monitor changing COVID coverage in Detroit's local newspapers and media.

The realities of living in Detroit include:
   "Lake Effect Snow" is a Detroit reality. The Great Lakes' massive amount of lake water creates a snow impact. It's an over riding factor, for days at a time, causing dozens of inches of snow each year. Roads also suffer from the impact of winter and its snow clearing, just like in Canada. With local reduced tax revenue non critical road repairs suffer.
    The cost of living is very affordable in Detroit. "The Motor City" is almost a fifth lower than the United States average.

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