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Tips For Moving to Eugene

   1. Moving to Eugen is best done in the July through September window. Precipitation, either in the form of rain, or surprise snow dumps in the winter, present obstacles that can add costs to moving in.

   2. Eugene has a college town feel without the shadows cast by sky scrapers. The tax base limitations restrict abilities to manage issues such as homelessness, mental health support, etc. as completely as larger cities might. Take a look at the costs of establishing your new home in Eugene both in terms of dollars and time needed.

   3. While Eugene has a disproportionately greater number of doctors than other cities its relatively smaller size impacts the number of service suppliers and product selection. Frequently, deciding what to take or sell off and buy new offers opportunities. Take a look at the news from Eugene before moving to assess what is being advertised and actual acquisition costs.

Relocating to Eugene

   Eugene, Oregon includes under 200,000 Eugeneans. Eugene is one of only 105 cities worldwide that have earned a A rating for its work on climate environment action. It is often called the 'Emerald Valley' because of the beauty that surrounds it and the merging of the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers.

The realities of living in Eugene include:
    Eugene is about the outdoors, outdoor trails, fresh air and nature. Warning for allergy sufferers... Eugene has the highest grass pollen counts of any city in the USA.

    Traffic is great compared to cities with there packed Pacific Coast freeways. This is the place to regain perspective on what is a traffic jam or the hours of waiting to get anywhere.

    Oregon is one of two states that make it illegal to pump your own gas. Sit back and let your hands enjoy missing that gas smell.

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