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Tips For Moving to Fargo

   1. The best months to move to Fargo are June through September. The summer months see 70 °F weather and limited precipitation or storms. You avoid the extra costs of sub zero winter temperatures, extra labour, damages and heating that are typically parts of winter moving. January often sees stretches of -20, as winter digs in, so it is the month to avoid.

   2. Fargo is a community that is spread out with streets designed from the ground up for today's world of traffic. Movers should be right on time unless you have chosen to move in the winter and spring. Snowplows and repairs to roads caused by them in the winter can occasionally result in unexpected delays.

Relocating to Fargo

   Fargo is city of about one hundred twenty five thousand and the heart of a metropolitan area of just over double that, which is located along the Red River and the border between North Dakota and Minnesota.

   Fargo has benefited from the settlement of immigrants encouraged by the non-profit Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota. An on going low unemployment rate has been a key source of attention for settlement in Fargo's community.

   Stay on top of your moving decisions.
Monitor changing COVID coverage in the Fargo local newspapers and media.

The realities of living in Fargo include:
    North Dakota is a flat open land mass. It is 'big sky' country just like Canada's prairies. Locals describe it as a place "you'll be able to watch your dog run away for two weeks".

    Fargo has a low unemployment rate, reasonably low cost of living and culture of community mindedness encouraging family values. Fargo is the place you and your family can live, without lots of people getting in your way.

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