Moving to Las Vegas from British Columbia

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Tips For Moving to Las Vegas

   1. Moving is best during December and January when the average temperature is reasonable or even October through April. June, July or August, when dry heat temperatures reach up into the hundreds, would be the worst time to be moving in Vegas.

   2. Vegas is like most tourist cities as there tends to be a two price system in play. One price for visitors and another for locals. Be sure to ask for the local price from the local businesses you frequent.

   3. "New Nevada residents must obtain their driver license and vehicle registration within 30 days. The initial fine for failing to register your vehicle is $1,000. It may be reduced to not less than $200 upon compliance." per the Nevada DMV.
      Depending on immigration status, applying in person with the appropriate documentation will be required.

Relocating to Las Vegas

   Las Vegas, Nevada, includes almost 700,000 Las Vegans who form part of a market area of about two million. It is one of the worlds most visited tourists cities. They come to enjoy the entertainment and the sun.

The realities of living in Las Vegas include:
    Vegas is an entertainment town catering to tourism, conventions and creature comforts. There are no mosquitoes, traffic and parking are less of a problem than in most American cities, many businesses are open 24/7. The local focus and most jobs are aimed at visitors to the city.

    The cost of living is reasonable compared to other large cities. Having no state taxes helps keep the cost of living down buy may also contribute to the low rankings of the public school system and the higher quality private schools deliver. Vegas has nick names like 'Sin City' or 'Gambling Capital of the World' and encourages visitors to leave their reality behind, so it is not surprising the downtown core has higher than normal crime rates.

    Automobile insurance is more expensive than in other states. The rates reflect the higher than usual number of accidents Nevada experiences.

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