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Tips For Moving to Minneapolis

   1. Move to Minneapolis mid May through June or late September into October, for the most comfortable move in.

      Moving in during the summer months does have the advantage of daylight hours up to 9:30pm some days. On the other hand, summer heat plus a location on the Mississippi River, with over a dozen nearby lakes and wetlands makes it a mosquitoes paradise as the sun goes down.

      Minneapolis enjoys a real winter, offering the outdoor activities many enjoy. Winter there comes with show measured in feet and temperatures down to -41, where Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same. Moving in at that kind of cold is not fun. Further, snow storms can dump surprise delays into the process of getting your house hold goods to the door on time.

   2. Minneapolis is only a couple of minutes across the river from Saint Paul and has major traffic flows using I-94, I-394, and I-35. Traffic flow should allow delivery to take place when expected. The only characteristic of Minneapolis traffic flow surfaces after winter, as the potholes and road damage from ploughs and road ice require repair.

Relocating to Minneapolis

   There are about half a million Minneapolitans. They are a core part of the four million who compose its metropolitan community. That community also includes Minnisota's state capital of Saint Paul that is just across the bridge and only a minute away.

   Stay on top of your moving decisions.
Monitor changing COVID coverage in the Minneapolis local newspapers and media.

   Canadians moving to Minneapolis will find they fit right in with an 'accent' like Canadians use, according to other Americans.

   Minnesota does not face the funding shortfall issues of some states because of tax revenues. Personal income tax aside, taxes will be part of your move in considerations as they indirectly impact all costs.

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