Moving to New Orleans from Canada

Perspective on Moving to New Orleans Louisiana

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Tips For Moving to New Orleans

   1. The best months to move to New Orleans are the early winter months. Leave Canada late fall and move in before January 6th
      Moving in from January through the summer months can be problematic. Summer average temperatures in the 90's are sweltering. Hurricane season from June through October and July rainstorms also needs consideration. Carnival, the Mardi Gras season, attracts visitors from January to February and March. Carnival ends on Mardi Gras day (i.e. Feb 16 2021, Mar 1 2022, Feb 21 2023, Feb 13 2024, Mar 4 2025, Feb 17, 2026, Feb 9 2027). It is a key contributor to over 80,000 jobs and almost ten billion in revenue to New Orleans. A very busy and traffic congested time in the Big Easy.
      Spring moves offer being able to deal with the current years crop of crawly creatures, before moving in. Fire ants usually start appearing during Mardi Gras. Buck moth caterpillars can sting as they fall out of oak trees in the spring. Mother's Day brings swarms of Formosan termites, many consider more ravenous than termites. They cluster around shining lights, making night time move activities difficult. On the good side "mosquito hogs" (i.e. dragon flies) control the mosquito population.

   2. New Orleans has over 300 years of history. Many homes are decades if not centuries old. Unique shotgun, double shotgun, camelback or double-gallery homes offer their own obsticales. Set bask traditional house design slows the unload process. A complete satisfactory move, at the most reasonable cost, needs experienced local movers.

   3. Locals say 'get used to them, love them, become them' for potholes on its most established streets. Movers know those potholes and the damage they can cause to the vehicle and contents. Badly behaving drivers push Louisiana insurance rates to the highest in the US. Traffic cameras discourage bad actors running red lights. All reasons movers take extra care delivering household goods. Water ways such as the Mississippi River, Lake Pontchartrain and Borgne, challenge navigation. Picking a moving company to deal with these reduces delivery time and hourly charges.

Relocating to New Orleans

   Just under half a million New Orleanians are heart of a one and a quarter million metropolitan community.
   New Orleans ranks among the top world cities and the top dozen US cities in many ways. It generates about 400 billion dollars, in a wide variety of business sectors.
   The “heartbeat” abortion bill undermined, the 'city in a forest', participation in the movie industry. Louisiana sees about 92,000 jobs and billions in direct spending from the movie industry. Many well known actors now refuse work in Louisiana even though it is third largest behind California and New York. As it stands at time of signing, any abortion received outside of Louisiana sets being tried for murder in Louisiana.
A VERY SERIOUS consideration for anyone moving to Louisiana

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