Moving to Orlando from Canada

Perspective on Moving to Orlando Florida

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Tips For Moving to Orlando

   1. The best months to move to Orlando have been the fall months. The sweltering summer months are acknowledged as creating a difficult transition for folks moving in from other climates. Moves become more costly as higher temperatures slow work and force extra attention to detail checks.
      The Gulf Stream maintains the stable and comfortable winter climate. Winter (November through April) has been a close second as a desirable move in time. There is no snow to shovel, so it offers time to cut the grass and clean up the yard without the high temperatures driving folks indoors. Like all southern areas insects are a reality. This is one of the times of year pest control spraying the yard is a norm.
      Orlando is one of the most visited cities in the world. With the COVID crisis interrupting the 75,000,000 theme park visitors or as many Snowbirds coming, winter move ins may in fact be the best time to move in.

   2. Orlando has no state taxes. One less item to consider as part of your moving expenses and a consideration before purchasing items you will be moving. The local government does require funds to run, so you may find fees for licensing, parking, etc. are higher than expected, even though significant revenues come via hotel charges to visitors.

   3. Homes in Orlando are similar to what Canadians might expect. Any possessions you want to move will likely fit your new home. Plus you can consider not shipping the things you want to buy new when you get to Orlando.

Relocating to Orlando

   Orlando is city of about three hundred thousand Orlandoans and the heart of a metropolitan area of just over two and a half million.
   Until the COVID crisis about 150 moved into Orlando daily. Migration into Orlando may take unexpected directions to adjust for shifts in traffic to their theme parks.
   Orlando competes to be the largest or second largest university campus in the US. An appealing climate for fall through spring presents a good environment for students.

   Stay on top of your moving decisions. Monitor changing COVID coverage in Orlando's local newspapers and media.

The realities of living in Orlando include:
    Many people think too many old people live in Florida. Locals, on the other hand, suggest that younger people look older due to sun damage.
    Like Canada's prairies Orlando is flat. It is big sky country with amazing sunrise and sunset.

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