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Tips For Moving to Providence

   1. The best months to move to Providence are June through August. These summer months average 70 °F, plus they have the lowest annual precipitation. You avoid the extra costs of sub zero winter temperatures, due to extra labour, damages and heating that are typically parts of winter moving.

   2. Providence is made up of narrow streets and building designs from as far back as 1636. Experienced and trained movers go a long way to a cost effective move, without wasting time overcoming the challenges of accessing and placing your possessions where you want them.

Relocating to Providence

   Providence is city of about two hundred thousand and the heart of a metropolitan area of just over two and a half million.

   It is the largest city in a state that by area is a small one (i.e. about 40 by 50 miles). Providence is one of the first established cities, created before the automobile. It has over 1,000 disjointed streets radiating from central areas offering unique corners and pockets of character.

   Boston is about half an hour away, Hartford is nearby and even New York is less than three hours away by train. Big city features are nearby while living with a community comfort, with farming and beach options just outside of town.

   Stay on top of your moving decisions. Monitor changing COVID coverage in the Providence local newspapers and media.

The realities of living in Providence include:
    Rhode Island is the second most densely populated state behind New Jersey. That density brings issues of congested traffic, crime as well as the usual issues faced by larger cities without the sizable population base that creates the tax base they have.

    Providence's Atlantic Ocean location brings sub zero winter temperatures similar to the ones Canada experiences.

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