Moving to Salem Oregon from Vancouver, B.C.

Perspective on Moving to Salem

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Tips When Moving to Salem

   1. Salem summer from May to September is the best moving weather. Unfortunately, the weather you find helpful to your move also attracts the homeless. Then of course, January through March when the "grey" rainy period Portland folks talk about surfaces. Not the best time to move.

   2. Salem's offers relatively reasonable cost of living however you can still save by downsizing the possessions you want to move. Leave items behind, or consider putting some in storage, to see if you can live without them.

   3. Salem's has many one-way streets in it downtown core. Years of working with their realities makes the delivery crew comfortable in arriving on time.

   4. Climate change, COVID19, reasonable cost of living and the growth in remote working for as far away as Portland and Eugene combine to impact growth. Cost effectiveness does reduce moving costs and services, fore thought allows you to benefit.

Relocating to Salem

   Almost 200,000 Salemites or Salemanders live about half way between Portland and Eugene, is the State Capital of Oregon. Their metropolitan population is almost half a million.

The realities of living in Salem include:
    Salem has a rural small town feel. On one hand you'll notice the abundance of farmers markets, fresh food, handcrafted breweries, and friendly recognition but on the other hand night life, abundant restaurants and many cosmopolitan realities are missing.

    Salem is natures wonderland. The hiking in the mountains, coastal wonderland, all with Eugene and Portland inside an hours drive. A conservative environment that enjoys earths gifts.

   • AREA CODES for Salem, Oregon are 503 and 971

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  Moving From Salem To Vancouver, BC
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