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Tips For Moving to San Diego

   1. Moving to San Diego in the winter is often suggested, based on summer tourist traffic and warmer summer temperatures. Winter does see many Canadian Snowbirds at this destination however.

   2. When moving to California, you'll need to apply for a drivers license within 10 days of moving in, as well as have your vehicle pass air quality tests.

   3. San Diego is a desirable but costly city to live in. The implications find there way into the costs of available services for moving in and corners cut to cover the costs. Only paying for what you need, is one of the best ways to manage the costs.

   4. California has had an assortment of issues regarding the supply of utilities, most specifically power. The news relating to PG&E, over the last year, brings into focus several concerns... including ones that impact your move in. It is a good idea to pay extra attention to your options regarding utilities at your new home.

Relocating to San Diego

   San Diego is a city of one and a half million San Diegan's located just over 20km from the border with Mexico. The Tijuana San Diego relationship is the 2nd busiest US border crossing, just behind the Detroit Windsor crossing.

The realities of living in San Diego include:
    San Diego has a natural harbour that, besides being responsible for the Spanish making it the first settlement they claimed on the west coast, hosts one of the major US Navy bases. Its importance permeates San Diego. It supports the two biggest drivers of the local economy, military and tourism.

    San Diego also benefits from significant international trade across its border with Mexico and is growing its technology impact in the medical and biotechnology areas.

    The San Andreas fault is NOT part of San Diego's reality. None the less, there is a awareness of earthquake preparedness. It is more likely that UV rays from all the sun or pollution from traffic on the 805 will be more your worry.

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