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Tips For Moving to San Jose

   1. Moving to San Jose between November and February assures reasonable temperatures with only a couple of inches of rain per month. The rest of the year offers higher temperatures with no rain, for this land locked city.

   2. When moving to California, you'll need to apply for a drivers license within 10 days of moving in, as well as have your vehicle pass air quality tests.

   3. San Jose is a desirable but expensive city to live in. The implications find there way into the costs of available services for moving in or storage, so corners are frequently cut to cover the high costs. Only paying for what you need, is the best ways to manage costs for the services you understand that you require.

   4. California has had an assortment of issues regarding the supply of utilities, most specifically power. The news relating to PG&E, over the last year, brings into focus several concerns... including ones that impact your move in. It is a good idea to pay extra attention to your options regarding utilities at your new home.

Relocating to San Jose

   San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley, is a city of just over one million San Joseans. It is part of a overall market area of around eight million. The concentration of wealth and technology drive a very high cost of living.

The realities of living in San Jose include:
    San Jose is a wealthy thoughtful city. With those characteristics, it's not surprising that crime rates, regardless of the dimension you are considering, are below national and state averages. It's also not surprising that traffic constipation will eat up more time than you'd like, just as the extra services citizens enjoy is a large contributor to more taxes being paid for them ... it is an expensive city to live in.

    San Jose a beautiful city that is well situated. All the features of a major world class city. Plus San Jose is located close to attractions in San Francisco or the beautiful Napa Valley wine country. The wealth and economic activity have driven the number of new buildings which some locals believes it's original beauty... a sign that there is thought, concern and consideration to changes in San Jose.

    As San Jose is located between two fault lines, earth quakes are felt a couple of times each year. California earthquake awareness and preparedness are practised.

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