Moving to Spokane from Vancouver, B.C.

Perspective on Moving to Spokane

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Tips When Moving to Spokane

   1. Spokane has a comfortably warm summer climate. Located between the Rocky Mountains to the north and east and the Cascade Mountains to the west it is protected. The Rockies block cold air coming down from Canada towards the south and east. The Cascades buffer humid and seasonal air from the Pacific. Spokane sees less that half the average rain of Seattle. August through September provide the best climate opportunities for moving and December through January the most problematic tile to move.

   2. Spokane's offers relatively reasonable cost of living however you can still save by downsizing the possessions you want to move. Leave items behind, or consider putting some in storage, to see if you can live without them.

   3. Spokane's road management and repairs can be problematic. It can lead to work delays when accidents create surprise delays even for those that know which poorly repaired roads to avoid.

   4. Climate change, COVID19, reasonable cost of living and the growth in remote working have combine to impact growth from California. This transition will impact moving in costs and services.

Relocating to Spokane

   The just over 200,000 Spokanites are 279 miles east of Seattle. As a county seat they are at the core part of just over half a million in the Spokane Metropolitan region.

The realities of living in Spokane include:
    Spokane's cost of living attractiveness includes controls on overspending in areas such as road maintenance and issues around homelessness.

    Spokane is the land of rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, water skiing, downhill and cross country skiing, exploring the trails, and so on, are widely enjoyed.

• AREA CODE for Spokane, Washington is 509

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