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Tips For Moving to Wichita

   1. Wichita is at the meeting point of, humid sub-tropical, humid continental and semi-arid climate areas.
      It's in tornado alley, experiencing about five dozen tornadoes every year, since 1996. In 2019, 8 that hit within a 12 day span. Quick warnings then disrupt plans.
      Thunderstorms are a feature of June and July. Some include hail and several have been damaging. This as temperatures reach the 80's, 90's, even as high as 114°F and an inch of rain falls in 5 to 10 minutes. The average daily temperatures over 90°F are life threatening. They also impact the amount of time it takes to get the same amount of moving done, compared to an average in the 70°F range.
      Wichita is about the middle way between the Gulf of Mexico and Canada. By Canadian standards (i.e. Vancouver and Victoria aside) its winters are mild. It also shares the warmth Calgary gets when a chinook shows up with 50°F plus weather.
      These as the most challenging times to move from Canada to Wichita. Moving out November to February has issues of cold disrupting the move. Moving in during June and July faces serious levels of rain and heat. August and September, to a lesser degree also.
      The best target times for moving are April to May and October. Besides fewer extreme weather conditions they are non peak periods assuring lower moving rates.

   2. Wichita's traffic issues are like with other cities. Large, dense urban centres see traffic delays due to congestion. Wichita is at the other end of this where traffic delays come from travelling extra distance. Low population density results in fewer items or services available nearby. Your may face the piano tuner charges for extra travel time.

Relocating to Wichita

   Wichitan's include about 400,000 of the 700,000 making up the largest metropolitan community in Kansas.

   Stay on top of your moving decisions.
Monitor changing COVID coverage in the Wichita local newspapers and media.

   Wichita taxes that need to be considered. The sales tax in Wichita is a minimum of 7.5%. It's made up of 6.5% for state and 1% for Sedgwick County... where Wichita is located.

   Vehicles brought to Kansas during moves, are charged an excise tax of somewhere between 6.3% to 7.65%. Registering the vehicle, complete with emission testing, within 90 days is needed.

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